About Us

We’ve all been there in that moment where we hear or see something and say, did I really just hear or see that? It’s those jaw dropping moments where you can be in full-on belly laugh, shock-in a good way, or the complete opposite. We are all about the belly laugh kind of humor. Wait, hold that, we are all about the belly laughing and smiles but we also have thoughts that are not exactly PC. In those cases where you might not agree with us, we would hope you can see the humor anyway. If not, piss off and go hide in your parent’s basement.

Our founder, Jonathan, is the mastermind behind the collection. Some ideas are years old, while other concepts have come to him more recently in the middle of the night. All images have been created with the help of a graphic artist to make U Sick Puppy a reality. All artwork is copyright protected. The website images have a watermark that will not be printed on the shirts.

We operate our own presses and have no middleman; therefore, we can offer high-quality shirts at a reasonable price. Our shirts are 100% premium ring spun super soft cotton. There might be a time we use a blend if a color calls for it. We will let you know if an item is not 100% cotton.